Previewing: Spitz Collective Sunday Nights at the Park Plaza SE1

The Park Plaza Hotel in SE1 hosts Sunday night jazz, produced by Spitz Collective.

Saxophonist Pete Grogan (above – appearing this Sunday January 29th with Hannes Riepler – guitar- and Karl Rasheed Abel – double bass) writes:

For me, the great thing about the Spitz collective
is it’s uniqueness in bringing together such a diverse collection of musicians and allowing them to share in their mutual love. Its very easy in London to feel the divide between musicians that is, to a certain extent dictated by geography if not by genre/sub genre etc.

The get-together’s and ‘plays’ that we all have on a regular basis become locked into small groups of musicians simply because it’s tough to travel the length or breadth of London to play for an hour so – it makes sense to do this with your neighbors. The Spitz blows this problem out of the water by inviting us all to come and play. It works out as a great way for us to meet and play with fellow musicians and combinations arise that otherwise would simply not happen. This alone means it never fails to be an enjoyable and exciting play. Thanks a bunch.


Saxophonist Pete Wareham (appearing on February 5th with Lewis Wright – vibes- and Tim Thornton – double bass) writes:

The Spitz Jazz Collective is a great thing to be part of as it has a relaxed, informal feeling to it and one regularly meets musicians of all ages who enjoy playing jazz in an untroubled, unaffected way.

When I turn up to play at the Park Plaza on Sunday evening I’m never quite sure who I’m going to be playing with as I know that whoever Jane Glitre has booked to play that night will be friendly and interesting musicians.

The trio gigs down there are always very enjoyable as one gets treated exceptionally well by the hotel itself, and the audiences are always enthusiastic.

Long may it continue!


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