McCartney on @bbcradio2: "You know that from a vocal: you’ve got to mean it"

There’s a good moment in Jamie Cullum’s interview with Sir Paul McCartney where the ex-Beatle talks about the fundamental truth of the performance of jazz, about the scaling back showmanship and razzmatazz to give way to honesty. There are lessons for all sorts of people here:

McCartney: When I started making the record I’m in the studio we’d gone in with not very preconceived ideas and, I must tell you the truth, I was kind of half expecting it to be a bit Vegas-y. I’m thinking ‘It was only a paper moon…pow!’. You know I’m thinking ‘This is the way to go baby!’ And then I go in there and I’m thinking ‘No, no we really mustn’t do that, that’s absolute…cos it…it’s not gonna sound honest enough’, I thought, ‘I’ve gotta mean these songs’, that’s one of the things, you know that from a vocal: you’ve got to mean it.

The full interview will be available for the next week on BBC iPlayer

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  1. McCartney has never been the most articulate of interviewees, has he? This quote represents the longest part of the interview in which he managed to avoid mentioning the Beatles.

  2. Why the negative vibe? McCartney is one of the truly great artists and his quote is important advice for any musician. It's just a shame far too many don't already do exactly that.

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