30th April is UNESCO International Jazz Day

UNESCO and the International Music Council have declared April 30th 2012 to be the first International Jazz Day


International Jazz Day, celebrated worldwide on April 30, will have its official kick-off at UNESCO Headquarters on April 27th. The UNESCO celebration, organized in cooperation with UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock, will set the stage for a series of events to take place around the globe in the following days. The Day will bring together performers, educators, governments, experts, and fans alike, as they explore together the history, meaning, impact, and legacy of jazz music throughout the world.

Thank you for the heads-up to Live Music Now, who, as a member organization of IMC/CIM will be promoting jazz in care homes, special needs schools and hospitals on International Jazz Day. April 30th would have been the 89th birthday of bassist Percy Heath (above at Alexandra Palace in 1982).

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  1. There are a number of concerts as online videos
    on the UNesco site.
    English musicians notable in their absence

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