Cafe Oto to launch its own record label

Cafe Oto. Photo Credit Ewan M/ Creative Commons

It was announced at the gig last night. Cafe Oto is currently test-pressing the first album on its own, new record label, OTO Roku – roku means record in Japanese . The record, entitled “the worse the better”, will consist of a set recorded at the club at the end of January 2010 by Peter Brötzmann, John Edwards and Steve Noble.

There won’t be a CD. That’s right, no CD. The recording will appear on vinyl – with cover art by Brötzmann himself (whose extensive work as artist is on his website)….on archival/ conservation quality Duke parchment card. 180 gram pressing by Record Industry Netherlands, and mastered at D & M, Berlin…..or by download, direct from Cafe Oto’s website.

If there are no glitches, release/ launch are scheduled for end-March.


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  1. Babel has 4 releases about to appear which will only be available in vinyl in shops – Gannets, Bilbao Syndrome, Catatumbo, Glockenspiel. Though there will be CDs in slip cases inserted. Similarly 180gm vinyl (pressed in Germany), gatefold sleeves. And we've already been shipping orders to Canada and Australia.
    We are in a marvellous heterogeneous world where anything goes. I've seen cassettes available again, as well as 7 inch 45s.
    However, CDs are still a great format if you want to archive and document live gigs because of their length, such as a marvellous double album of Mike Osborne Trio that is being released on Cadillac. They are also a very good practical format to transport. Evan Parker has told me that he's had enough of the vinyl world for his own label psi.
    Alex Kolkowski is still recording direct on to wax discs.

  2. To the above comment I am not sure where you may have been hiding for the past 20 years but cassettes and 7″s never stopped being produced, it is simply that they are deemed “cool” again now by the hip kids so people are aware of them. There are labels out there that never stopped releasing in either format.

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