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""British music is bland and tame" : Harvey Goldsmith

When I saw the sentence above as the headline for AN ARTICLE IN THE EVENING STANDARD ON THURSDAY

…I rushed off a reply in great haste which did get published, in edited form, and was pointed out to me by a few readers – thank you – in Friday’s Evening Standard, so I guess some good did come of it.

Here’s the full text of my reply:

Harvey Goldsmith (“British music is bland and tame”, Standard, 8th March) knows his music industry backwards, but is looking in the wrong places to find the energy and creativity – and the evidence of hard work – which he misses in the current music scene.

On any night of the week in London’s jazz venues, large and – mostly – small there is a constant buzz of precisely the kind of risk-taking he believes has fled the scene.

– In the house band at Ronnie Scott’s he can be captivated most nights by the fire in the soul and the twinkle in the eye of 23-year old Portuguese house band drummer Pedro Segundo.

– Every Sunday night at the North London Tavern he can be surprised by the bands which promoter Jack Davies unearths from around the ex-conservatoire scene.

– Or he might catch one of the hard-working American bassist Michael Janisch’s Anglo-US bands on the London hop of a European tour.

And that’s just three for starters.


Sebastian Scotney, LondonJazz, Kings Place, N1

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