Jack’s been thinking… about his new record label and the first three releases

“I was very lucky to win the Deutsche Bank Award from the Royal Academy of Music in my last year there, and that prize came with £10,000 to start a business. That’s allowed me to finance making the three albums, but Deutsche Bank also gave me a lot of support in the form of a business training course and a personal mentor. [..]

People have also been very helpful and supportive – Colin Towns gave up his time (and studio!) for a week to help me plan and mix the big band record, and Nick Smart has been a general legend! [..]I’m hoping to build up my label, V&V Music, and hopefully release some other people’s albums. It’s difficult to predict, but hopefully I’ll still be making music with friends and just be better at it!”

says Friday columnist Jack Davies. He was giving an interview to saxophonist/bandleader Trish Clowes, published on her site

The first three albums, for relrase in April, are by The Jack Davies Big Band, Flea Circus and Southbound. DETAILS HERE


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