Has jazz just been saved? Again?

Those in search of an intelligent debate should head off straight away to Ronan Guilfoyle’s blog. Under the title “Thank Heavens We’re Saved! (Again)” , he writes

(these are just a few taster extracts filleted from a very good essay):

– How come every each time jazz is reputedly saved, it’s always saved by music that is very far removed from jazz? […]

– It’s not Glasper or Spalding who are making the claims for their music being a giant leap forward in recognition terms for jazz, it’s the world of jazz punditry who once again seem to be besotted by the idea of a major breakthrough for the music being achieved through the rejection of many of the core values of jazz.

– Both of these musicians have something to offer mainstream audiences, and they’re playing in a commercial genre that mainstream audiences understand.

– Someone who may be prepared to watch Glasper play a few fills on a Hip Hop tune is unlikely to follow him into the world of his trio and the extended solos that he would play in that context.


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