Preview: Renato D’Aiello’s birthday bash March 19th Ronnie’s bar

Here’s a gig which catches the eye for loads of reasons. Saxophonist Renato D’Aiello, originally from Naples, has been in the UK since 1999, and another birthday here is a cause for celebration in its own right, because he brings such innate musicality and unique spontaneity to the London scene. He has had a regular Monday night gig in Ronnie’s bar since July 2010, and it’s become popular. Tonight he has singer Nina Ferro, but next Monday 19th he has a veritable festival going on.

What caught my eye, or rather my low ear, first was the fact that he is bringing together two fine bassists and a lot of sunshine into Frith Street. One is from Sardinia (Nicola Muresu) and one from Sicily (Marco Panascia).Muresu used to live here, and it’s a welcome return. 

Two fine bassists getting together is something to look forward to. My ear-memory picks out instantly gigs with Larry Grenadier and Reuben Rogers with Joshua Redman, or  Victor Wooten and Stanley Clarke

But he is also expecting a few friends, guests, drop-ins, turns…such as the Anglo-Italian Matisse Vocal Quartet

And also a rumoured appearance by Ranjana Ghatak….How’s everyone going to get in??

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