2012 Parliamentary Jazz Award Nominations Announced

The nominations have today been announced for the 2012 Parliamentary Jazz Awards, sponsored by PPL and Jazz Services. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony, which will take place at the House of Commons, Terrace Pavilion on 16th May.

A record 1,864 members of the public sent online entries for the Awards via the Jazz Services website.

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The full list of nominees is:

Jazz Musician of the Year
Bobby Wellins
Jim Mullen
Shabaka Hutchings

Jazz Album of the Year
Liane Carroll ‘Up and Down’
McCormack & Yarde Duo ‘Places Other Spaces’
Phil Robson ‘The Immeasurable Code’
The Impossible Gentlemen ‘The Impossible Gentlemen’

Jazz Ensemble of the Year
Beats & Pieces Big Band
Kate Williams Septet
Scottish National Jazz Orchestra

Live Jazz Award of the Year
Jazzlines (formerly Birmingham Jazz)
Scarborough Jazz Festival
The Spin, Oxford

Jazz Journalist of the Year
Jon Newey
Rob Adams
Stephen Graham

Jazz Broadcaster of the Year
Jamie Cullum
Kevin LeGendre
Mike Chadwick

Jazz Publication of the Year
Jazz in London
Jazz UK
London Jazz

Jazz Education Award
Abram Wilson
Gary Crosby OBE
Paula Gardiner
Pete Churchill

Services to Jazz Award
Bill Kyle
John Cumming
Mike Westbrook

A big thanks to all of you who voted to nominate LondonJazz for Jazz Publication of the Year.

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  1. Just curious how this first round is chosen? The public votes and then without fail the persons with the highest total of votes then make the above list? Or does the JS committee select who they would like to see as nominations amongst those who receive a high number of votes? It seems to me that some of the above nominations could be politically chosen or some 'back scratching' going on? Would be very nice, since it's supposedly a representation of the public vote to see the totals. Perhaps there should be a display of results on the Jazz Services website throughout the public nomination period to make sure that without fail the first round is exactly as the public voted? How can we be sure that these names are the ones with the highest public votes? The reason I say this is because it would be a shame if some of those at Jazz Services, who are very involved in the british jazz scene at large and have all sorts of personal relationships and other agendas outside of their work with JS, would be hand picking the public nominations to suit their own agendas?? This would avoid any doubt, and we all know music awards/competitions are notoriously political.

  2. In reply to Terry Bakers post. The Parliamentary Awards has a process and the details are available on the Jazz Services website. The guiding principle is one of nominations it is not a public voting process. A panel comprising around 15 to 20 people who are musicians, journalists,broadcasters, promoters, trade organisations etc – please note the only trustee on the panel is the chair of Jazz Services – create a long list this is then debated and a short list is voted upon and the results, of three nominations in each category, are sent to the All Party Parliamentary Group who then select the recipient of the award.I chair the shortlisting panel and I do not have a vote neither does my co-chair Dominic McGonigal of the PPL who are the sponsors of the Awards. With regard to potential conflicts of interest; Jazz Services is here to provide the voice and support for jazz in the UK, promoting its growth, accessibility and development in the UK and abroad by delivering services in Events (touring, recording, promoter support and international showcasing), Communications, (online listings, advice, information news and publishing) – spreading the word and Education, (routes and pathways through jazz and continuing professional development online).I can assure everyone that Jazz Services work is about delivering its services.We are not in the business of social engineering, manipulating, favoring any nomination when it comes to the Parliamentary Jazz Awards or the delivery of our services to boot. As ever to save time typing out responses I am happy for Terry or any one one who has doubts or misgivings about the probity of the Parliamentary Awards to come in and see me. Chris Hodgkins. Director. Jazz Services. 24th March 2012

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