Cape Town (4) Masekela does Kafka

Cover illustration by Yosi Berger
Source: Caustic Cover Critic

Hugh Masekela’s Kafka-based advice for punters arriving at the Cape Town Jazz Festival:

“If you haven’t got tickets, turn yourself into a cockroach”

In a 15-minute radio interview for Cape Talk 567 Radio Masekela talks about:

– Music and business

– “If you take me seriously it’s your problem”

– How cold Westminster Abbey was

– His Makeba tribute to be performed this Saturday at the Cape Town Jazz Festival. On Makeba’s mother, a traditional healer with a seven-octave range. On how the project came together from tapes from a session in New York which will be re-issued as an album

– On the “Friends” album project with Larry Willis, first performances this Sunday – here in a small club in Cape Town

– On the difficulties facing young jazz musicians in SA – the problem of nowhere to play in Jo’Burg. “Under apartheid there were places to play”

The full interview is on SOUNDCLOUD HERE

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