Cape Town (7) The last night audience

This audience can respond. Or, now I’ve been here in Cape Town three days, I’ll try that again. Oh geez, this audience can respond. Give the Capetonians a song they know, give them a performer with a place in their hearts, and there may be nothing quite like this anywhere on earth.

Here in the media room, festival old-stagers have been coming back transfixed by the warmth the opening few minutes of the Hugh Masekela show in the main 8,000 capacity venue. I saw young singer Zahara serenaded by – it seemed – every member of a huge outdoor crowd. And spectators who had been kept waiting nearly an hour to hear Dorothy Masuka (above) instantly forgave, forget and fell in love with her within just a few bars of Khawuleza, Matsuka’s song from the 1950’s immortalized by Miriam Makeba. I won’t be forgetting any of this in a hurry.

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