Anita Wardell’s “SONGSUITE” Vocal Festival (18-20 May)

Neat. A three-day song festival featuring Anita Wardell, Norma Winstone and Jacqui Dankworth – plus singers Michael L Roberts, Beata Kuzak, Monika Lidke and Dominika Zachman. A showcase for musicianly singing of the highest level, and of many kinds. And a friendly bar with quality Polish beers you’ve never heard of. And a real sense of community about thevenue (maybe the Polish community in the UK can teach us Brits a thing or two about social cohesion) And two days of workshops run by Anita Wardell, who has been the instigator of and energy-bringer to the whole project. The concerts are value for money – priced at just £8.

Dates are May 18th-20th. The location is a Jazz Cafe Posk in Ravenscourt Park, just a few minuteswalk from Hammersmith.


Friday 18th May, 8pm
Noemi Nuti Duo
Dominika Zachman Trio
Jacqui Dankworth

Saturday 19th May, 8pm
Michael Roberts Band
Monika Lidke Trio
Anita Wardell Quartet

Sunday 20th May, 7.30pm
Loire Music Showcase
Beata Kuzak Duo
Norma Winstone / Mark Lockheart /Nikki Iles

Bookings: jazzcafeposk.co.uk / 020 8741 1940


Sat 19th May:

11.00am to 1.00pm: 

“The American Songbook” with Anita Wardell and Robin Aspland. Anita will explore modern and traditional approaches to the great classics by Porter and Gershwin in a practical workshop focusing on performance and interpretation.

2.00 pm to 4.00pm 

“ Improvisation” with Anita Wardell. Anita shares her unrivalled mastery of be-bop style scatting with participants while explaining her approach to improvising over jazz chord sequences. An intermediate level workshop. 

Sunday 20th May: 

11.00 am to 1.00pm “If I should lose you” with Anita Wardell and Robin Aspland. How to take a standard and make it your own by reworking it and changing the arrangement.

2.00pm to 4.00 pm: 

“Groovin High” With Anita Wardell and Tristan Mailliot looking at how to refresh your repertoire by applying different feels and grooves to classic jazz songs.

For the workshops – www.loiremusic.com 07880 600 564.

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