Neo from Rome play Match&Fuse – 15/16 June (13 bands from 8 countries!)

Dave Morecroft writes:

From Rome, the “jazz punk blues” trio Neo will be visiting London for the first time for the inaugural Match&Fuse festival (June 15th /16th)

When I first watched the above video, I was immediately sucked into their engaging ensemble tight-knit sound. I think they have a similar aesthetic to TrioVD in many ways; polymetric and interlocking unison bursts leaping from one structured section to another. There’s also a great playful and pictorial quality to the music; I find the gestures fly around like the slaps of a paintbrush on a huge dynamic canvas; one colour or musician occasionally rising to the surface before falling back into a regimented, yet chaotic ball of sound.

Neo will be playing in the Vortex on Friday 15th June at 9.30pm.

“Match&Fuse Festival 2012 – Dalston, London.

Match&Fuse Festival 2012 involves young, dynamic cutting edge bands from across Europe. The festival has unfolded from the Match&Fuse tours we’ve been running for the past year, and this year we’ll have 13 bands from 8 different countries coming to play at The Vortex and Gillett Square across 2 days, with UK headliners Led Bib and Trio VD lined up for each night…oh, and the whole thing is free entry! We’re very grateful to have received funding from Arts Council England and PRS Foundation for the project.

Match&Fuse Festival on Soundcloud

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