Press conferences in Berlin today: Merkel-Hollande and Jazzdor Berlin

There will be two press conferences with aFranco-German theme in Berlin later today. So, (ehrlich/ soyons honnetes) the organizers of the Jazzdor Berlin Festival from June 4th-7th, presenting a series of French bands and Franco-German collaborations, might find it an uphill struggle to get much attention for theirs – on the very day when Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel give the world the very first joint photo-opportunity.

There are some very strong line-ups for the festival, which include:

-Nils Wogram with Bojan Z
-Daniel Humair
-Mederic Collignon
-Louis Sclavis
-Marc Ducret

I will be attending and covering the festival. Not least beecause there is no better, more reliable metaphor for showing the ease with which international collaborations can happen than jazz.


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