Dreams of Jelly Roll. Exhibition of work by John Goto – Freud Museum

The Crave. Pigment print on rag paper 2012 by John Goto. All Rights Reserved.
Left to right: Rudolph Valentino, Thelma Todd, Lucky Luciano, Olive Thomas, Jack Pickford, Virginia Rappe, Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle, Al Jolson and Jelly Roll Morton at The Jungle Inn.
This exhibition, which opens today, runs until 16th September at the Freud Museum in Hampstead. I went last night to the private vernissage thingummy, and had a brief look around. The eyes were streaming with hay fever, so my unconscious is still working on it. I’m sure I’ll go back to have a proper look and try to take it in. The first sentence of the catalogue sets the context. “Psychoanalysis and jazz were both born at the end of the nineteenth century. Their founding fathers were respectively Sigmund Freud [..] and Jelly Roll Morton.

What artist John Goto does is to “explore the relationship between biography and the unconscious.” All of the works in the exhibition are inspired by the “life, work and dreams” of Jelly Roll Morton. Yes, definitely dreams. The picture above has a knife on the piano stool, recalling a particular incident in Morton’s real-or-imagined life. There is also an augmented reality installation and iPhone owners can download the LAYAR app to make this work. The exhibition is supported by the University of Derby where John is a Professor.

The Freud Museum in Marefield Gardens NW3 is not just a couch and a house: it’s chock full of tiny artefacts – Egyptian, African etc. Amazing.  It’s a far bigger collection than I for one ever knew. And there’s a museum shop, which allows the Freud personality cult, and indeed the mind and credit card, to wander into …Freud mugs (aren’t we all?), bearded dolls and even Freud chocolate. This exhibition is definitely a Go-to. (groan).

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