Olympic gigs at Oliver’s in Greenwich – including Amsterdam after Dark Aug 6th

UPDATE 6th August – Simon Purcell writes: The Oliver’s “Not the Olympic Season” gigs are OFF this week except for Saturday 11th (which will have a great line-up à la “Jazz at the Philharmonic” – more to follow. The Olympics have made it almost impossible for businesses in Greenwich, so regrettably the room goes quiet for the weekdays. Thank you to everyone who has supported the gigs so far.

Martin Speake has written in about a series of gigs at Oliver’s in Nevada Street in Greenwich during the Olympics. I was curious to hear more about the background to one in particular, August 6th, “Amsterdam after Dark” , about which Martin writes:

I remember going to see George Coleman every year at Ronnie’s. The ‘old’ Ronnie Scott’s run by Ronnie and Pete. Simon [Purcell] and I went together about 30 years ago and remember loving the band. I have transcribed all the tunes, and we are going to play them on August 6th.

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July 27th Simon Purcell Quintet featuring Julian Siegel, Chris Batchelor, Gene Calderazzo and Steve Watts

July 28th Simon Purcell Quintet featuring Julian Siegel, Chris Batchelor, Gene Calderazzo and Steve Watts

July 29th Martin Speake Trio featuring Dave Green and Gene Calderazzo

July 30th Malcolm Earle-Smith Quintet – Monday Night is Jazz Party Night

July 31st Anita Wardell with Simon Purcell trio

Aug 1st Tom Farmer presents

Aug 2nd Simon Purcell’s “Nadatar” with Julian Siegel, Tom Farmer and Shane Forbes

Aug 3rd Mark Lockheart with Simon Purcell Trio

Aug 4th Joe Townsend Band

Aug 5th The Music of Lennie Tristano – Pete Hurt, Martin Speake, Callum Gourlay, Jon Scott

Aug 6th Martin Speake and Simon Purcell “Amsterdam After Dark”

Aug 7th “Fine Chaps” – Geoff Simkins, Malcolm Earle-Smith, Simon Purcell et al

Aug 8th Tom Farmer Band

Aug 9th Anita Wardell with Julian Siegel and the Simon Purcell Trio

Aug 10th Martin Speake with Liam Noble, Chris Hyson and Corrie Dick

Aug 11th Special Jazz Party with special guests…

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  1. Due to poor attendance all gigs are now cancelled apart from August 8th, 10th and 11th.

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