Herts Jazz is Welwyn with Fazioli Pianos

Congratulations to Clark Tracey and the team at Herts Jazz who have secured the support of Fazioli Pianos to provide two pianos: a concert grand for their theatre stage and a 7ft grand in the studio, for the Herts Jazz Festival on September 14th-16th.

Among the pianists playing are Stan Tracey, Zoe Rahman, Gareth Williams, Leon Greening, Mark Edwards, Dave Newton and Steve Melling. Kit Downes is also on the festival bill, with Troyka, – on organ – maybe he’ll get tempted by a Fazioli too…. The Fazioli piano, hand-made in very limited quantities in Italy, has a fantastic dynamic range. It will be a treat to hear so many of our top pianists really digging deep into the keys of a great piano.

Herts Jazz Festival Programme

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