Gareth Lockrane Big Band July 10th Amersham Arms (Gareth writes…)

Another sighting of Gareth Lockrane‘s Big Band, (and the towel rail or bass flute above, one of four instruments which Gareth plays in the band, as well as writing, arranging, directing, fixing…). On July 10th at The Amersham Arms. 388 New Cross Road. SE14 6TY at 8pm.

Gareth Lockrane writes:

It’s a thrill to be playing with my old music college compadres (Steve Fishwick, Tom Cawley, Sam Mayne, Henry Collins) alongside iconic figures of the UK jazz scene who are the cream of the crop in anyone’s book- Nigel Hitchcock, Mark Nightingale, Phil Robson, Tristan Maillot.

There aren’t any new tunes for the band this time, but a lot of tweaking of arrangements to give everyone their moment in the sun, everyone is so on it from an ensemble and improvising standpoint. Similarly I’m condensing a few tunes to get more of a concentrated band vibe on some things.

Recording wise I’m actually getting the great electric bassman and sound whiz Julian Jackson to come in and do a location recording of this gig,I thought it was looking like one of those nights it’d be nice to document,whether it becomes a live album or just a bit of random YouTube footage we’ll just have to see!

News is that I’m releasing the new album by my Hammond band Grooveyard in the autumn on Michael Janisch’s Whirlwind Records. It’s very exciting: I’m really happy with the recording.


Nigel Hitchcock, Brandon Allen, Sam Mayne, Graeme Blevins, Bob Mckay, (saxes)

Adrian Fry, Mark Nightingale, Tom White, Lewis Edney(trombones)

Steve Fishwick, Craig Wild, Tom Walsh, Henry Collins (trumpets)

Tom Cawley (piano/organ) Phil Robson (guitar) Ryan Trebilcock (bass) Tristan Maillot (drums) and Jez Wiles (percussion).

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