Jazz Mentoring Survey – Call for Participants

We are conducting a survey of musicians on the topic of mentoring in jazz in the UK. It is in preparation for a research paper, which Sebastian is due to present to the German Radio Jazz Research Group meeting in August.

The survey will be looking at formal mentoring schemes and where they fit into the broader context and tradition of mentoring.

The survey is aimed both at musicians who have taken part in a formal mentoring scheme, either as mentor or protégé, and those who have not.

The survey can either be done online or on the telephone with our researcher: Rob Edgar, whatever suits you better.

If you wish to fill it out online then you will require a password this is to ensure the authenticity of our results. Whatever way you decide to fill out the survey please contact either Rob Edgar on robdme[@]hotmail.com or Sebastian Scotney (as above). The terms of participation in the survey and our obligations to you are clarified at the beginning of the survey. 

Many thanks in advance.

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