Sibelius to close UK office

Music software company Sibelius, controlled by Avid of the US, is to close its UK office.

The company was founded in April 1993 by twins Ben and Jonathan Finn. In 2005 it reached 75 employees and won a Queen’s Award for Innovation. The following year 2006 it was sold to Avid Technology. Sibelius’ website lists its address as in California rather . Avid (corporate profile) is based in Burlington, Massachusets and has its roots in digital audio and video products.

Avid is a complex business currently going through a major corporate restructuring and asset sale programme. This is a a sad day for long-serving employees; the implications for what happens to Sibelius from their perspective, and from the user perspective are far from clear.

UPDATE 5th July. The website Create Digital Music has been in touch with Avid who have merely said that Sibelius as a product line “remains strategic” (presumably meaning :  currently not for sale) but wouldn’t comment on the UK operation. LINK TO ARTICLE.

UPDATE 6th July. A further update from Norman Lebrecht’s blog.

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  1. Oh that is not such a good news. Especially for those who purchased our Sibelius online course from Europe and UK, thinking they'd be able to hop over to Sibelius head quarter as a celeb of some sort. However, its still a good software and for beginners one of the greatest things they can still put to work on. And hopefully the thrill of making some good music would be worth the effort to learn this great software.

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