The new Crazy Coqs Venue at Brasserie Zédel

This feels like it might be an important turning-point. The most successful restaurant entepreneurs in London in the past thirty years, Jeremy King and Chris Corbin (Le Caprice, The Ivy, The Wolseley….) have – to my knowledge- never until now included a live music venue in their offering.

Their new restaurant is Brasserie Zédel and it opened just over a week ago. It’s in (newly pedestrianized) Sherwood Street by Piccadilly Circus. The decor – it’s a major refurb of the basement of the old Atlantic Bar and Grill – is just spectacular.

There’s a good Yamaha piano in the music room, named The Crazy Coqs. There’s a high ceiling, so the acoustics take a bit of getting used to, but are not problematic. I went tonight and heard cabaret singer Harold Sanditen who was at his best in a Posh-‘n’-Becks era updating of Noel Coward’s The Stately Homes of England, with the immaculate trio of Michael Roulston piano/arranger, Bob Sydor reeds/flute and Nick Kacal, bass. Harold is booked for 13th and 20th July.

To set the French mood there’s a vast poster of Mistinguett on the stairs down. The night they book Gabrielle Ducomble, there will be something to celebrate – with one of these speciality cocktails:

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  1. Brasserie Zedel confirmed to us on Twitter that this is indeed King/ Corbin's first music venture:

    Thanks for review.

    It is their first foray – if you don’t count two truly crazy Cabaret nights at Le Caprice in 1982!

  2. Darling.. you left out something very important…by invitation of Jeremy King and Chris Corbin, Crazy Coqs Cabaret features Miss Hope Springs Sunday Soiree with cabaret Chanteuse Miss Hope Springs playing her all original cabaret, jazz and show songs live at the piano with Mario Castronari on double bass and Fergus Gerrand on percussion. You should come down…it has been packed out with a glittering crowd since opening 3 weeks ago and my season there has now been extended through August. xx MHS

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