Preview: Jazz Journalists Association – Introducing Jazz Journalism Now

Preview: Introducing Jazz Journalism Now
(19th July at 1:00am UK time, Preview By Rob Edgar)

On July the 18th at 8:00pm Eastern time (which is actually the 19th July 1:00AM-2:30AM BST) the Jazz Journalists Association (USA) will be presenting the first in a series of interactive monthly “webinars” on the subject of jazz journalism.

The webinar  on the 19th  is free but requires advance sign-up. The charge for the subsequent sessions will be  $30 to non-members of the JJA. This webinar, Introducing Jazz Journalism Now, will take the form of a panel discussion and feature topics like the importance of accurate storytelling, what jazz journalism is, whether or not there is a difference between journalism and criticism, etc.

The panel will feature:

Howard Mandel, who will be moderating and is a New York based jazz journalist with over 30 years experience covering jazz for newspapers, magazines and radio. He is also an author of two books on jazz ( Future Jazz and Miles Ornette Cecil – Jazz Beyond Jazz). Howard is President of the JJA

Patrick Jarenwattananon, a blogger for NPR music’s blog, A Blog Supreme.

Matt Kassel, a recent graduate in journalism who is now freelancing for the Wall Street Journal and the New York City Jazz Record

Dan Morgenstern, recipient of several Grammy awards for best liner notes, JJA lifetime laureate for his achievement in jazz journalism and Director Emeritus of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University. .

Future programs will cover topics such as, Festival Coverage (on the 16th of August), writing biographies (date TBA) and jazz blogging.(date TBA)

Sebastian Scotney is a full voting member of the JJA

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  1. Thanks for this preview of our webinar series. Te JJA “eyeJAZZ” webinars on creating short-form jazz news videos for YouTube/Vimeo posting are archived at

    discount on first year dues for anyone newly joining (go to JJANews.org and click “join” — use the promotion code Awards2012 during registration). The JJA is not solely a US organization, though the majority of our members are in the US and Canada; we have members in the UK, Europe, S. America, in Tokyo, Moscow, South Africa and New Zealand, too.

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