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The Abram Wilson Funeral Procession. London 25th July 2012

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Dress code: smart and colourful. The London Memorial Service for Abram Wilson (1973-2012) was a poignant, very special occasion. The funeral procession started by the National Theatre today in Central London. (Video from SE1website where there are further pictures)

An astonishing band and choir formed the procession, including Wynton Marsalis (below) performed at the service, and all contributed massively to a moving occasion. They were led by Karen Gibson and Kevin Robinson. Rev. Giles Goddard officiated. Hannah Wilson, Pia Furtado and Anthony Welsh gave readings. Most moving of all was a brilliant eulogy by Jennie Cashman Wilson.

CLICK HERE to give to the Foundation set up in his honour which has so far raised $13,000 and is open to further donations.

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