Go Team GB – A patriotic guide to the 2012 Downbeat Magazine Readers Poll

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Public voting in the 77th Annual Readers Poll from Downbeat magazine is now open.

Taking our cue from UK media coverage of the Olympics, we are just going to wilfully ignore all the foreigners, and focus obsessively on Brit competitors, whether native or adoptive….

With sincerest congratulations to ALL those nominated, but perhaps especially to good friends whose profile can be raised through this, such as Jim Hart and Alexander Hawkins here they / you are:

Hall Of Fame: John Mclaughlin
Jazz Artist: John Mclaughlin
Jazz Album: Jeff Williams – Another Time (on Michael Janisch’s Whirlwind label), Paul McCartney – Kisses on the Bottom
Historical Album: Soft Machine – NDR Jazz Workshop
Trumpet: Kenny Wheeler
Soprano Saxophone: Evan Parker, John Butcher, John Surman
Tenor Saxophone: Evan Parker
Electric Keyboard: Gary Husband
Organ: Alexander Hawkins
Guitar: John Mclaughlin
Bass: Dave Holland, John Edwards
Vibes: Jim Hart
Male Vocalist: Jamie Cullum, Ian Shaw
Female Vocalist: Stacey Kent, Norma Winstone
Composer: Dave Holland,
Arranger: Dave Holland, Evan Parker
Blues Artist: Eric Clapton
“Beyond” Artist/Group: Paul McCartney, PJ Harvey
“Beyond” Album: Kisses on the Bottom (Paul McCartney), New Blood (Peter Gabriel)

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  1. You missed out a couple, in that Barry Guy is also nominated in the bass section and the incomparable Leo Records label, of Leo Feigin, in the labels section!
    It's intriguing to look at what determined their preferences from UK. Can someone confirm how the list was set up?
    I also notice that you can write in preferences.

  2. Brilliant to see Evan Parker feature so strongly on saxes and as arranger, and for John Butcher and John Edwards to get nominated. Power to music of 'no compromise'! That's a real breakthrough for the Brits, as is the nomination for a duo of adoptive Brits, Jeff Williams and Michael Janisch.

    Whether they medal is another question, of course!

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