Mike Westbrook’s Off Abbey Road at Exhibition Road

Left to right: Brian Godding, Simon Pearson, John Winfield
Kate Westbrook, Andy Grappy (hidden), Pete Whyman, Alan Wakeman, Mike Westbrook (part-hidden)

This was a performance which literally came off the back of a lorry……..and yet: it was complete with absolutely nothing taken out, of the absolutely highest quality throughout, and had a better-than-new freshness about it. Mike Westbrook’s band played the entire Off Abbey Road album – all sixteen tracks – tonight at a free-stage in Exhibiton Road, as part of the Exhibition Road Show, which takes full advantage of the recent pedestrianisation of the road. The performance held the attention of a good-sized crowd of all ages for an hour and three-quarters. The free-stage was – yes – on the back of a lorry (above).

I don’t think I can add much to a really thoughtful review by Ivan Hewett from the Telegraph of this show at the 606 in 2010, except to point out that Off Abbey Road is on at the Six again on August 22nd, and to recommend it whole-heartedly. YES, GO.

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