Jazz in Tunbridge Wells gets too popular, gets cancelled

Jazz on the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells has had to be cancelled (the organizers’ website hasn’t in fact caught up yet). The remaining four summer events are off. Perhaps dyslexic revellers misunderstood what was on offer? Possibly, but  the crowds were definitely getting too large for Tunbridge Wells. The full story, another victory for Health and Safety, is HERE.

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  1. We are in a world where it is difficult to build on success. Certainly outdoor events are getting harder and harder to manage, as we know at the Vortex for our events in Gillett Square.
    I think that in part it is more, though, the Nimby attitude of Tunbridge Wells' residents that is driving the effective puritanism of the licensing people at the Council. The licensing requirements for stewards are, I am willing to bet, too onerous for a jazz gig, as they seem based on worst case scenarios.
    Only yesterday, I was talking to someone who had come to the Vortex from Hayes in Middlesex (i.e. almost from Heathrow) just for an hour, as it is getting harder to find an adequate variety for gigs in her area.

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