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Call for Information on the Art Wood Combo

Tony Freer from Ontario has written to LondonJazz asking for information on musicians who were part of the band ART WOOD COMBO between 1958 and 1964.

He writes: “The band started in 1958 as a jazz band and later evolved into an R & B band. I am trying to put together a history for my own and band members enjoyment. It’s not for publication. Any assistance will be appreciated. Tony”

Tony has already been in touch with a number of the musicians he wants to reach but would like help in tracking down the following (or their estate if deceased):

Don Wilson
Lennie Case
Barry Kerswell
Buddy Cole
Jim Willis
Johnny O’Donague
Gerry Waite
Andrew (Andy) Wren
Kenneth (Ken) Rankin
David Rome (Slater)
Jim Butchart
Vic Dawson
Rod Freeman
Cyril Keepfer
Barry Laver

If anybody has information relevant to any of the names on the list then they should contact Tony directly. Email: antfreer[at]

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