Phoenix Studios at Pinewood ceases trading

Phoenix Studios at Pinewood has ceased trading. Since opening in 2005, it has been extensively used, among others by Jazz on 3. In a round-robin email to people who have worked with the studios, (“Subject: Farewell”), studio proprietor Pete Fielder has written:

“Dear friends and colleagues
I am sad to announce that Phoenix Sound has ceased trading at its Pinewood location. The 12 year journey of the Phoenix has certainly been eventful and challenging, but most of all fantastic fun, and I personally would like to thank everybody for all your wonderful contributions. However, this time the flame has been reduced to a flicker, and until I’ve had time to recuperate and think about the future, the Phoenx will rest peacefully, for the time being.”

A history of Phoenix Studios is HERE

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  1. It has also been used by Babel for a few albums, such as Richard Fairhurst's Triptych. Steve Lowe, favoured engineer of Evan Parker and Jazz on 3, decamped there after the closure of Gateway at Kingston University. The number of larger studios is dwindling! But it's probably less of a surprise if one thinks of the reduced investment in recording by major labels and so on. RIP

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