Preview – Dutch Jazz and World Meeting 2012

The Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, location of DJWM 2012

We interviewed Arjen Davidse, Head of the Jazz, World and Pop/Rock music Dept at Muziek Centrum Nederland, and Project Manager of DJWM2012 – Amsterdam, October 5th – 6th.

LondonJazz: How many people are you expecting to attend DJWM 2012?

Arjen Davidse: Almost 200 music professionals (programmers, agents, talent scouts, media, etc.) from all around the World (28 different countries) and at least 500 Dutch music professionals. Together with the regular audience makes this a total of at least 1000 people.

LJ: It is both a showcase and a marketplace?

AD: Yes, that’s right; and a conference. We have an information market, panels, keynote speeches, speed-date sessions, trade dinners, showcases, after-parties and even a spectacular network sailing trip on Sunday with 100 music professionals on a large historic sailing ship.

LJ: And the setting at the Muziek Centrum/Bimhuis is spectacular right?

AD: Yes it is! The Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ is a quite new, large venue of glass by the water-side, right next to Amsterdam Central Station: spectacular views of Amsterdam City centre and the waterways. Besides that: all international guests will be ‘housed’ on dormitory ships in the direct environment. DJWM taxi boats will connect all locations with each other…

LJ: How long has the Meeting been running?

AD: There have been five Dutch Jazz Meetings before. In 2010 we changed the target group to jazz AND world-music. That was the First DJWM (and a huge success!). This will be the second combined edition. But if you count the Dutch Jazz Meetings as well, it is the seventh edition.

LJ: And what are the prospects of it continuing?

AD: Well, Muziek Centrum Nederland will cease to exist at the end of this year, but we are working very hard on a new (and promising) initiative. This new organisation is supposed to continue the DJWM as well, but I don’t know yet how it will look like (maybe smaller…) in the future. However, because the next edition is planned not earlier then in 2014, a lot can happen in the meantime…

LJ: Any particular important events this year that you would like to flag up in advance?

Arjen Davidse: The opening night with the spectacular David Kweksilver Big Band (an interesting clash between composing and improvising, with musical influences from all around the World) is gonna be spectacular, the after party on Saturday evening with a large jam-sessions with big shots from the DJWM program looks very promising, the sailing trip on Sunday of course, the keynote by Lucy Duran from BBC3 and the keynote by Ben Ratliff (New York Times) are highlights in the daytime program and I can’t choose between the 26 showcases. There is a lot for everyone.

LondonJazz: Thanks for giving us a preview, and see you there!

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  1. Dear London Jazzers, hope to see you too Friday in Amsterdam, welcome! Many jazzy greetings, Saskia Laroo (trumpet player from Amsterdam with weekly Sunday at Amsterdam 's famous jazz cafe Alto)

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