Preview: Loop Upload Festival

Tom Challenger writes…

The Loop Collective is very excited to present ‘Upload’. Upload is a dual venue festival taking place at The Forge (28/09) and The Vortex Jazz Club (29/09), and features some incredibly exciting events and ways to engage with the music for this particular festival.

On conceiving this particular festival, we wanted to present something that would contrast with the past editions of it. The last, focused on presenting music not only from within the collective, but also from Foreign artists that had a strong musical identity and who had been affiliated with us in one way or another.

The festival itself includes some very exciting new music, not least the brand new Loop Large Ensemble – Cat’s Cradle feat. Dan Nichols and Kit Downes (Keyboards), Dave Smith (Drums), PA Tremblay and Johnny Brierley (Bass), Rory Simmons and Alex Bonney (Trumpets), Robin Fincker, James Allsop and Myself (Reeds). Also featuring in the festival are 25 Drummers playing at the same time on Gillett Square in Dalston; Afro/Jazz trailblazers Fofoulah; Numerous and varying Duo Projects; Snack Family (feat. Andrew Plummer) and my own new project, Brass Mask.

The latest edition comes at a time when Loop Members have been producing lots of new music, and also at a time when the Loop Collective has been live in its new format for a short time. The web site we have is an extremely powerful engine, and we wanted to incorporate it into our concept for the festival.

Thus, ‘Upload’ is simply as the title suggests! We will perform, and (to the highest quality possible) quickly upload the recorded performances to our website. Thus, we hope that the enjoyment of the music on both nights won’t be confined to just the people present.

We’re looking forward immensely to this new edition of the Festival.


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