BBC: "So jazz will never die?" Lionel Loueke: "Jazz will never die."

Lionel Loueke neatly dodges some loaded questions from a BBC interviewer:

BBC Interviewer Leslie Goffe: “How do you answer those people who say that jazz is a dying music? It has no future. Record sales are down. Clubs are closing. Audiences are disappearing. Why not make money and win fame playing rock, or pop?”

Lionel Loueke: “Most of the people who say that, it’s because they’re like, traditionalists, and the thing is they’re not trying to open up, accept the new thing going on.”

Leslie Goffe: ” So jazz will never die?”

Lionel Loueke: “Jazz will never die. For sure.”


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  1. I wonder if that particular question will ever die.
    Google ” (specific musical genre) ……is dead” .

    Type in Rock, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, Country, etc etc.

    Sometimes you'll find a canny writer that reframes the statement as a question, ie 'Is (specific musical genre)….dead?”

    When we get asked that scintillatingly fresh and vibrant question, we could counter with a scintillatingly fresh and vibrant answer ,
    “No, it just smells funny”.
    Or we could stare blankly into space and play with our bottom lip
    or we could say….
    “Well let me answer your question with a question. Have you ever wished you had a button that, when pressed, would cause your hair to slowly retract into your head, when asked questions that should be carved into tablets that are part of a museum that allows people to view life as it was before Manchester civilized the rest of the world?”.


  2. Methinks this Anonymous is one adventurous and, beneath it all, optimistic guitarist speaking up for another, with that same Mancunian wit which informs his plectral spectrum.

    – Patrick Hinely, Work/Play®

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