Round-up: 2012 Tanjazz Festival, Morocco

M’Oud Swing Quartet. Photo credit: Rupert Parker

Rupert Parker writes…

Tangier is a city notorious for expat writers like Paul Bowles – who lived there from 1947 until his death in 1999, and William Burroughs in the 1950’s. Plus 
 the Rolling Stones and Beatles who visited in the 1960’s. The 13th Tanjazz festival couldn’t boast anyone as famous. It was a gentle affair held over five days, split between a large outdoor stage near the port and more intimate rooms in the Palais des Institutions Italiennes, an ornate Moorish palace.

Morocco was represented in force with Isslman, Tawfik Ouldammar and Soussi Trio, MoAdib Garti Quintet, Majid Bekkas “afro gnaoua jazz band” and M’Oud Swing Quartet. Karim Kadiri, on Oud, soloed over a hypnotic groove provided by Barry Sames on keyboards although I must say it was slightly soporific, or maybe it was just that time of night.

There was also too much fusion going on elsewhere as well as an unhealthy dose of jump jive. The crowd pleaser was Ben Presage, a bluesman from Florida, very much in the Seasick Steve mode, although I must say I think he’s rather more talented. My pick was Interzone, a young Austrian trio led by trumpeter Mario Rom, who managed a tight and inventive set.

TANJAZZ website / Rupert Parker travelled to Morocco courtesy of Visit Morocco

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