Friday Night Showcase at the Dutch Jazz and World Meeting

DJWM 2012 Showcase: Ramon Valle

A six-band evening showcase in the Bimhuis. Each group had a half-hour set, and the changeovers and sound were brilliantly achieved. Music Centre Netherlands will cease to exist at the end of this year, but they have put a strong case that they know their market worldwide exceptionally thoroughly, have organized a complex event well, and have convinced through achievement that such meetings should continue once the current organization has been replaced by its successor, provisionally to be called Promotie Podiumkunste / Dutch Performing Arts.

First act was the Ramon Valle Quartet, a worthwhile and energetic fusion of the Cuban and European.

DJWM 2012 Showcase: Morris Kliphuis of Kapok

The young trio Kapok made a lot of friends at the showcase. The french horn is an instrument which demands such musicality to play, it may be a surprise that it is such a rare instrument in jazz. Morris Kliphuis, Timon Koomen on guitar and drummer Remco Menting built a very convincing set. Organic development in each number, and a final intensity build to a thoroughly satisfying close. As time goes by, this trio will want to be more adventurous and are an exciting prospect. They have notched up fifty gigs since launching an album in February.

DJWM Showcase: Spinifex Quintet

Spinifex Quintet were aggressive, prog-ish, in a good way. Drummer Philipp Moser achieved remarkable things with a cymbal bent double and released, and the band imitated the sound convincingly.

DJWM Showcase: Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet

Yuri Honing‘s Quartet is seasoned, confident, assured, and inventive. A group had got caught by his irregualr melodic hooks and were singing them from memory. Music which leaves its mark….

DJWM Showcase: John Gilbreath of Earshot Jazz introducing Hybrid 10tet

Michiel Braam‘s extremely classy ten-piece seemed equally at home exploring new sound worlds as they were in the comfort zone of the cha-cha.
DJWM Showcase: DJ Blue Flamingo
A DJ dressed in plus fours…. only playing 78s…. kicking of with Jimmy Lunceford’s Flamingo. Did I dream that???

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