20 Drummers in Gillett Square during the Loop Upload Festival

Tom Challenger (who previewed the Loop Upload festival for LondonJazz) has sent in a post-festival update:

The Loop Collective’s ‘Upload Festival’ turned out to be a real feast of new and interesting music. Culminating in a mammoth 5 band night at The Vortex which finished at 2, the festival is – as promised – available to download from HERE. Feel free to download the content, enjoy the vibe of the Festival!

The festival did indeed sport an impressive line up with Kit Downes/Seb Rochford, Fofoulah, Jim Hart/ Rory Simmons, Loop Large Ensemble and many others but the video above is of a unique event: an ensemble of twenty drummers (in an ensemble appropriately named Twentydrums) outside the Vortex in Gillett Square.

Check out the passers-by, whose first reaction when suddenly confronted with the spectacle of 20 drum kits (in true London fashion), is to walk quickly and nonchalantly away, and to avoid staring – at all costs.

After the build-up, at around the 3 minute mark, the musicians start throwing the rhythm around the circle in perfect synch.

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