Tony Heiberg writes about his CD On It

Tony Heiberg writes…

Although these days I am decomposing rather faster than composing I always have a new tune on the go. The myriad rhythms – almost entirely of black orgin – that inspired me to write On It were heard initially in nightclubs and bars but have filtered through on to the CD within a jazz context. Fortunately, in addition to being a jazz musician, I also used to write a breezy arts column for The East Village Eye that essentially gave me the keys to New York, London and Paris, providing free access – and most importantly, drinks – virtually anywhere I wished to enter.

– I first heard the type of beats featured in the opening track Hip Hops – a dance tune dedicated to The Real Ale Movement – in New York in the late 70’s and have mixed these with jazz melodies and harmonies.

Man of La Macho – a pun on the Cervantes’ novel – is a flamenco-influenced tune that demonstrates just how macho and tough this band absolutely is…

Dipping a Toe In The Rock River is a sort of Monk meets Chuck Berry tune.

What a Tangoed Web We Weave is influenced by singer Anne Pigalle, and DJ, Albert.

– The syncopations of Drunk As A Lord are reminiscent of lurching steps taken by the well-spoken denizens of my club, Black’s.

– The jazz/raggae tune Herbal Remedies speaks for itself.

Cowboy Builders – dedicated to the people who put up Mum’s conservatory – was written when I had the honour of being a founding member of the Way Out West Collective while

Calypso’s Odessey was inspired by Sonny Rollins.

Mr J.M. is a hommage that explores the sort of polychords that the great musician Eddie Harvey told me his friend John Mclaughlin may have learnt from playing along with Hindemith recordings.

On It features some of my favourite musicians: Sophie Alloway and Chris Nickolls on drums, Max Luthert bass, Ben Gilbert and James Eaton piano, Duncan Eagles sax and Mike Greenway producer.

A feature about the album has appeared in the Beloit Daily News. Tony is originally from the Beloit – Janesville area of Wisconsin. CD available from Link Recordings

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