Preview: Tim Garland writes about Korea Moves, 14th Nov (LJF)

Heo Yoon-Jeong

Tim Garland writes about KOREA MOVES, his upcoming gig on Wednesday 14th of November 2012 at St James’s Piccadilly in the London Jazz Festival :

A great privilege of the travelling musician is the opportunity to meet and play with, musicians from cultures far and wide. Lighthouse has always been a group particularly keen to accept the challenge of creating such musical encounters.

Rehearsing in Korea recently, we were introduced to the Komungo, an instrument from the 7th century still played today. Heo Yoon-Jeong, who plays the Geomungo as well as the Komungo (further information HERE), has collaborated with musicians from all over the globe on her chosen instrument. It’s a very cool thing to hear how the electric guitarist Jean Oh, (also on the bill with us) uses similar techniques on his own instrument, like a Korean accent in music.

His orchestra of effects creates soundscape after soundscape. This feeling of expanse, exploiting a truly unique array of colours, is what will form the basis of this gig which will sound amazing in St. James.

I predict that this will be one of the most surprising of musical encounters at the whole festival, and hopefully one of the most beautiful too.

Tickets cost £15-20 HERE. Playing alongside Lighthouse Project will be the Christoph Stiefel Inner Language Trio

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