Becca Stevens at the Revoice! Festival

Left to right: Liam Robinson, Becca Stevens, ChrisTordini.
Out of picture:  Jordan Perlson. Photo credit: Dave Ohm

We’ve just had this picture sent in by Dave Ohm, which brings back memories of a superb gig, the Becca Stevens Band‘s (long overdue?!) debut as leader of her own band (*), one of the highlights of Georgia Mancio’s Revoice! Festival at Pizza Express.

This is a band consisting entirely of New School alumni, which has really gone places. They have fascinating material – both originals and covers –  it’s stunningly sung and (as above, Dave’s caught them really well) harmonized. Here’s a feature about the making of her last album. They were talking at the gig that a new album will be on its way…

(*) She had appeared with Elan Mehler at the Vortex in 2009.


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