Kit Downes previews Fofoulah (Vortex, 16th Nov, LJF)

Kit Downes, (whose quintet will be appearing in the London Jazz Festival at the Vortex on Tuesday 13th November) previews Fofoulah, appearing three nights later:

A gig that I hope to catch and would recommend to everyone and anyone is Fofoulah’s free gig starting at midnight at the Vortex on the 16th November (part of London’s jazz festival).

I have seen Fofoulah three times now and each time the whole room ends up dancing and going crazy (in a mellow way). They describe themselves as “blending modern African praise song with urban groove and sabar drumming” – I am no expert in this area of music at all, but what really appeals to me when I hear it is that I don’t think of it as a type of music from a particular part of the world, or even as different types mixing from different places – but as a language unique to the guys in the band that exists only when they play together. Rather than me trying to describe the music however – it is much better to just listen to it (links below). Needless to say I think its ace, and it will be an awesome gig if it like the others that I’ve seen.  It will also be perfect for the epic late-night hang that marks all good festivals.

Admission is free, doors open 11.30pm and Kevin Le Gendre will be DJing till 4.

Biram Seck – vocal

Phil Stevenson – guitar

Tom Challenger – tenor sax / keyboards

Johnny Brierley – bass

Kaw Secka – sabar

Dave Smith – drums

Fofoulah are on Bandcamp and  on Facebook 

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