LJF Review in pictures: Hildegard Learns to Fly

Andreas Schaerer. Photo credit: Cat Munro
Hildegard Learns to Fly
(Pizza Express Jazz Club, London Jazz Festival Friday 9th November. Pictures by Cat Munro. Words by Lilly Papaiouannou)

Christoph Steiner. Photo credit: Cat Munro

Another day at the office?! Maybe for these guys! I went to see a jazz gig… I got a lot more than I bargained for!
Andreas Schaerer, Matthias, Andreas Tschopp. Photo credit Cat Munro

Often, the audience’s clapping and whooping become another instrument in the band. With such levels of audience interaction, it’s no wonder the musicians got the giggles too! Great fun had by all!

At first glance, Andreas Schaerer gives us the impression that he’s any ordinary sexy jazz singer but underneath this cool Swiss exterior, lays a trombone, Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, a conductor and comedian!
Andreas Schaerer, Marco Muller, Andreas Tschopp. Photo credit: Cat Munro
When a band is this tight, they can afford to let rip. Their energy and passion were abundant.

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