Housing Development Threatens Operation of Union Chapel as Music Venue

Toumani Diabate at Union Chapel

Plans for a six-storey housing development at the back of the Union Chapel may threaten its operation as an arts/ music/ community centre.

According to a petition which has raise 12,000 signatures and ha now closed, “if a few key measures are not planned into the new development now, there is a significant risk that noise complaints from residential neighbours and traffic congestion could cause operations at Union Chapel to cease.”


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  1. Chris Parker Writes:

    Having attended a variety of gigs at this venue over the years, from Roots
    and Freddie Hubbard to Mike Stern, I can't say its possible disappearance
    as a concert hall unduly worries me, because its rackety, echoing
    acoustics are wholly unsuitable for live music.


  2. There seems to be something decidedly un-equitable when a new development of flats/houses/apartments (rarely social housing) is able to call the shots regarding an established music venue. I am mindful of the conversion of the Met Police Garage at Barnes, which backed onto the Bull's Head. A conversion to residences brought-on a flurry of noise-abatement types objecting to one of London's longest established jazz venues.


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