Preview: Julian Argüelles Quartet at The Constitution Cellar Bar, Friday Nov 16th (LJF)

Julian Argüelles Quartet at the Constitution Cellar
(16th November. Preview by George Crowley)

A gig I’m particularly excited about witnessing this week will be Julian Argüelles’ performance at the Constitution in Camden. When talking or writing about a musician of the calibre of Argüelles, it’s tempting to refer to the tried and tested axiom, stating that he is a master of many idioms within the jazz sphere; while this is undoubtedly true, it neglects to state that most important factor of all, that Argüelles has a sound and style that is completely his own.

I love the punchy, raw quality he brings to the freer things he plays, the sinuous long lines full of surprise, and he is a master of ballad playing. Not to mention that, as a saxophonist, his facility is incredible, allowing him full scope to let his ideas come out. On this gig Julian will be joined by Kit Downes, Calum Gourlay and James Maddren, a rhythm section with such a rapport that it seems inevitable that some pretty hefty sparks will fly!

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