Preview: On the Roof at Hackney Cut, Friday 16th November

On the Roof
(Hackney Cut. Friday 16th November. Preview by Elliot Galvin)

On The Roof comprises of 12 exciting and diverse musicians and dancers, all tied together by a shared love of improvisation. We first came together to learn Mingus’ masterpiece The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady, and to work collaboratively with choreographer Tony Thatcher to add to our interpretation.

Since then we have developed what we learnt from this and devised our own original work exploring the relationship between sound and movement through structure, texture and communication. Our new work Hot Pot is the ongoing presentation of these ideas, which we have designed specifically around the beautiful space of The Hackney Cut. Our aims, inspired largely from Mingus himself, are to find a true way of collaborating and reaping the benefits of this way of working, as well as a commitment to marrying raw energy and excitement with subtlety and structure.

We are:

Adam Tyas, trombone
Ed Ashby, tuba
Elliot Galvin, piano
Greg Sinclair, baritone saxophone/clarinet
James Kitchman, guitar
Jonny Murray, trumpet
Lizy Exell, drums
Louis Thomas, bass
Matt Gordon, conductor
Megan Armishaw, dance
Mike Soper, trumpet
Steve Mathers, tenor saxophone
Typhaine Delaup, dance
Virginia Scudeletti, dance
Will Scott, alto saxophone/clarinet
Zoe Georgallis, dance

This Friday, 16th November we are performing both The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady and Hot Pot at The Hackney Cut E3 2NT, free entry, starting at 7pm.

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