Preview: NO ONE 4 Jazz Night at The Harrison, Kings Cross

Simon Picard Writes…

Some months ago I was in conversation with the management at my local bar in Kings Cross, The Harrison, and it was suggested that a regular evening of jazz would be possible there. They have recently converted their cellar into an intimate space for music, not unlike some of the famous clubs in downtown Manhattan that are essentially basements of houses, and I felt it would be an ideal venue for a small group.

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As there was no piano, I got to thinking about a quartet with guitar, bass and drums. A lot of my earlier years developing with the saxophone were spent listening to the great players from the sixties. Aside from the Coltrane legacy that is monumental to just about every horn player, I was into Joe Henderson and Wayne Shorter among many others. So the idea to play some of their classic tunes from that era came about. I also felt that working with a guitarist would open up some new territory for us to develop in our approach to these pieces: lines can be doubled, voicings can sound different to the piano, there’s the spatial element with sustain etc. However it is essentially the interaction of all the group members that make the music live, and I am very happy and fortunate to be collaborating with some fine young talented musicians.

Hence the launch of a new project, NO ONE4, a quartet with Alex Roth (guitar), Olie Brice (bass) and Simon Roth (drums). And also the launch of a new venue in central London, where we shall be playing on a regular basis.

The opening night is on Tuesday 27th November from 8.30 pm, and the address is 28 Harrison St, WC1H 8JF 

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  1. after a xmas/new year hiatus, these gigs are starting up again – The Simon Picard Quartet will be at the Harrison on the 26th feb and the 26th march

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