End of the World Sale at Leo Records – updated with recommendations

On the the website of the prolific label Leo Records of Newton Abbott, Devon, we read (thank you Lance for the spot): END OF THE WORLD SALE

Before we all perish on 21.12.2012 Leo Records offers a unique opportunity to all music fans to find out more about the music on this legendary label. Who knows, may be this music will make your transition into a different reality much smoother. Apart from that, you cannot find a nicer and cheaper Christmas present for your friends and relatives! THE SALE LIST IS HERE.

Prices: each CD is £ 2.00 (double CD counts as two CDs, four-CD box counts as four CDs, 9-CD box counts as 9 CDs); Orders: minimum order ten CDs (you can only buy 10, 20, 30, etc. CDs); Postage: for each 10 CDs: U.K. – £3.50; Europe – £ 7.82; Rest of the world – £ 14.00; Payments: postal orders, cheques, credit cards, or cash to Leo Records, 16 Woodland Avenue, Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot TQ12 5BB; or by PayPal to leorecords[at] blueyonder.co.uk

The Leo Records catalogue is vast, monumentally so. Alexander Hawkins has picked out three places to look for something special:

Anthony Braxton/Evan Parker – Duo (London) 1993 – given Braxton’s stated influences, it’s maybe a little facile to draw the Lee Konitz/Warne Marsh parallel – but I do think there’s something in it here. Fascinating to hear two of the absolute masters of modern solo instrumental playing deal with the very different territory of a duo setting. [IMHO – the ‘classic’ Braxton Quartet recordings made in 1985 in Coventry, Birmingham, and London for Leo are all stone classics, but they don’t appear to be in the sale!]

Sun Ra – Piano Recital Teatro La Fenice – I always think that Ra would have been renowned as a great even if he had never gone anywhere near a big band – he’s that great on piano! I love the choice of repertoire here: from ‘Penthouse Serenade’ and an ingeniously-melodically-twisted A Train to free improvisations and Ra classics (there’s an extremely beautiful ‘Love in Outer Space’ here – one of his greatest melodies IMHO)

Cecil Taylor – I couldn’t choose between Live in Vienna or Live in Bologna. They’re both the same edition of the Unit – featuring Leroy Jenkins (the greatest post-Stuff Smith violinist?) and Carlos Ward (so great with Abdullah Ibrahim…similarly here!)…and Thurman Barker has long been one of my favourite drummers for Cecil. Magnificent band. There’s lots of great Cecil on the sale list: Tzotzil/Mummers/Tzotzil is nice; Chinampas is crazy – an all-poetry and percussion date (no piano) – if I remember right.

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