Standing Pat – Debut Album from The Dixie Ticklers

Nicholas Costley-White writes about the debut album from the Dixie Ticklers, and explains the album title – with the help of a dictionary definition …

Standing Pat, the debut album from The Dixie Ticklers is an in depth study of New Orleans jazz. The band has put today’s date on early jazz, teaming it up alongside groove-based shuffles and thoroughly modern treatments whilst staying true to the polyphonic sound that shaped the music of the initial pioneers such as Louis Armstrong, King Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton.

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Led by clarinettist and composer Dom James, the six piece ensemble combine their deep love and understanding of the feel templates and language of early styles whilst each expressing their own musical voice. Daoud Merchant AKA ‘Washboard Merch’ (John Law, Empirical) and Zands (Karl Jenkins) head the rhythm section with whilst Will Rixon (Joss Stone) paints a modern image of the great early trumpet players. Bassist Tommy Antonio pays homage to Jelly Roll as he sings Ballin’ the Jack, and I’m on guitar.

Recording to two inch tape with Ben Lamdin at Fishmarket helped us achieve that warm analogue sound and encouraged the band to perform there and then with less flexibility in the edit.

stand pat
1. To oppose or resist change.
2. In poker or blackjack, to play one’s hand without drawing more cards.

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