Preview: Women in Jazz – Photography Exhibition in New York

Tom Harrell
Photograph Credit: Lena Adasheva. All Rights Reserved

Lena Adasheva writes…

This photograph of trumpeter Tom Harrell was taken at the Moscow International Performance Arts Center around Christmas time in 2009. I recall that I was amazed by Tom’s internal struggle and inspired by his personal strength. I had the honor of meeting Tom, his wonderful wife Angela and talking to the band members. Harrell’s life story deeply moved me, and I found myself thinking if it was possible to express his story in a photograph.

I love to take pictures before or after concerts when I can move freely about without disturbing the audience. I was kindly allowed to come to Tom’s sound check with my camera. The performance space was huge with an enormous curtain as the background. At one point, I saw Tom standing there while the rest of the band was setting up. He was absolutely alone in this huge space with his trumpet in hand. The gigantic curtain, so much bigger than Tom, was kind of falling over him. I held my breath, moved right in front, then took some frames. When I looked at the photographs the next day, I had the feeling that this image might speak about Harrell and his struggles. Over the years I have received many wonderful comments on the photograph, even from those unfamiliar with Tom’s personal story. This picture won the Jazz Journalists Association Award for Best Photo of the Year 2010.

The exhibition “Women in Jazz“: Photographs by Lena Adasheva, Enid Farber, and Fran Kaufman” is on view at the Sidney Mishkin Gallery, Baruch College through December 12, 2012. Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Friday, Noon to 5 p.m. and Thursday Noon to 7:00 p.m. The Mishkin Gallery, located at 135 E. 22nd Street at Lexington, is free and open to the public.

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