Way Out West venue change to Triple Crown for 12and 19 Dec

The Way Out West Collective which puts on lively, friendly, welcoming, recommendable Wednesday gigs in Richmond, has been told at just a moment’s notice by the landlord of the Orange Tree pub that it has to up sticks. The Orange Tree’s website is still – erroneously, confusingly – advertising the gigs. 

Way Out West’s December 12th and December 19th gigs will be upstairs at the Triple Crown pub, 15 Kew Foot Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 2SS. What happens after the Christmas break is, at the time of writing, unclear.

Who’s on? On Weds Dec 12th it’s Tim Whitehead‘s birthday bash with THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAND – (Jonathan Gee, Tim Whitehead, Winston Clifford, Hattie Whitehead )plus the ‘WHAT’S YOUR STORY’ Workshop Band

For Dec 19th its a WOW ALLSTARS XMAS SPECTACULAR featuring Pete Hurt, Tim Whitehead, Tom Millar, Kate Williams, Dave Jones, Gary Wilcox and other guests tba.

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