RIP Claude Nobs

This heartfelt tribute from the staff at the Montreux Jazz Festival to Claude Nobs,  founder of the Festival, who died earlier today following a ski-ing accident over Christmas is on the festival’s Facebook page.

Dear Claude,

On January 10th, you left us! 
Only a few days after your accident in Caux-sur-Montreux, in your beloved mountains, overlooking the lake that you were so fond of.

You always had a sparkle in your eyes whenever you dealt with people. For all of us, who were fortunate enough to cross your path, you will always remain the one who questioned certainties. « And, why not ? » You would repeatedly ask the same question when we tried to explain why a project would not be feasible. Reality was never challenged only your wildest dreams. The Montreux Jazz Festival is the ultimate proof of that! But not the only one!

Your audacity resonates in each one of us, a strong sense of generosity and sharing.
Thank you for taking us where we never thought we could go. And in your typical spirit, you left by surprise as if to remind us once more, that in life as in music, each great performance could be the last one even if the show must go on. You hoped for an exit that reflected your life, you succeeded this as well. We carry, and will continue to carry on in your spirit everything you taught us.

Thank you Claude.

Your teams of yesterday, today and of tomorrow.


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