"More specialist music content and outside broadcasts" on BBC Radio 2

Photo credit: Amanda Slater- creative commons

Radio Today has reported:

“BBC Radio 2 is to run more specialist music content and outside broadcasts throughout this year, including a focus on folk, jazz, country and blues music.The station will bring more live performances to its regular specialist slots and also highlight them in daytime programmes.”
It has to be said that the official source –  BBC Media Centre  – is slightly more nuanced,  announcing that BBC Radio 2 has:

“..ambitious plans to enhance its specialist music programming with a raft of content across the year which complements the weekly shows including folk, jazz, country and blues.”

The jazz bit, giving more detail, however, is common to both vesions of the story, and reads as follows:

– “In May, jazz music gets the specialist music VIP treatment as Radio 2 broadcasts live from the Cheltenham Jazz Festival

– The station’s longest-running heritage music show, Friday Night Is Music Night, will host a tribute to Georgie Fame.

– In addition, Jamie Cullum’s weekly programme will reflect the festival in a special show.

– Other jazz-focused programmes to be broadcast on the station in 2013 include Jazz At The Movies in which Jamie looks at the different roles jazz has taken within film and how the two mediums have complemented one another.

Remembering Humph commemorates the playing, the unrivalled jazz knowledge, the wit, and the vibrant personality that made Humphrey Lyttelton a household name and a broadcasting legend.”

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