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The Rich Tailors debut gig (Vortex, Jan 25th)

L’Anglais sans Peine, 1929. Photo credit:

In Japan, apparently, the first English sentence they learn is “This is a pen”. In Italy, “The pen is on the table” . In Algeria, “Mister Khettat is an architect”. In Morocco, “Is this your handbag?” In Brazil, “The book is on the table.” 

But in France,ever since Alphonse Chéret started the company Assimil, and launched his first book, “L’Anglais sans Peine” in 1929, it has been “My tailor is rich.” Which explains why French people often try to find a context to use the sentence. (I’m always trying to find a context for  the Finnish phrase Mitä kuvassa on?” but that’s another story.)

Congratulations, therefore, on an excellent choice of the name of this BRAND NEW BAND making its first appearance, to the two Frenchmen in it, Parisian ‘cellist Vincent Courtois and saxophonist Robin Fincker. 

And welcome to the world The Rich Tailors (other members of the five-piece band are German saxophonist Daniel Erdmann, pianist Alcyona Mick and Paul Clarvis – both from over here).

Erdmann and Courtois are coming over from France specially for ths VERY FIRST  gig. Date Friday 25th  January, Vortex. The band will have its next gigs  in Toulouse in February, and then in Montpellier in April. 

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